WT’s Favorite Christmas Movies



It’s that time of year where homework starts to seem a little less appealing and classes feel just a little bit longer. That’s right, it’s Christmas, and the countdown to a much needed break has officially begun. To brighten your lives we decided to find out what movies are the most popular for us WT bears over the holidays. This topic can become a very controversial one between people, so please proceed to read with caution. For this purpose, the votes were anonymous so no casualties were a result. Please respect the editors’ comments on each movie.


7) Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer

Although some people’s grandparents might enjoy this movie, personally I’d rather eat a bag of coal than watch an hour and a half of a blinking red bulb slowly moving across the screen with bad animation, emphasis on the slow factor. The overall idea of a bullied reindeer coming out on top of all the others is inspiring I’ll admit, but the Isle of Misfit Toys is a little too sad. Overall, very outdated vibes. 


6) The Nightmare Before Christmas

As Mr. Bachner would say, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a very Gothic and deep movie, even though it’s for little kids, who we all know are looking deep into the style of animation used. Overall, good movie, but a little too Halloweeny to be a classic Christmas movie for families to watch in my opinion. Along with this, the main characters look a little too much like early 2000s scene kids for me to feel safe in my home.


5) How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Many of us remember this movie as a highlight of our childhoods. It is one of the more nostalgic movies out of the bunch, but looking back at it today the movie isn’t quite as incredible as it once seemed to be. Who even is the green hairy man with the scarily long fingers and why is he so mean to his dog? Also what’s up with the noses of the Whos in Whoville? All in all the movie brings back a lot of great memories, it just gives me the creeps to this day. 


4) The Polar Express

If Polar Express doesn’t make you believe in Santa then who are you and what are you doing? Polar Express is the perfect movie to watch with the fam and a cup of hot chocolate. My only critique is that the animation is a little rough around the edges. Don’t get me wrong, the soundtrack is absolutely amazing and incredible in every way, but the faces of the kids are slightly disturbing.     


3) A Charlie Brown Christmas 


Although we are slightly biased, A Charlie Brown Christmas is an unproblematic, nostalgic movie that gets you in the holiday spirit. Charlie Brown, although a dweeb, manages to make everyone smile. He is the epitome of Christmas spirit. Although his tree may be unideal, he makes do with what he has and takes it like a champ. Charlie Brown is forever a winner in our eyes. 


2) Home Alone

Home Alone is every young kid’s worst nightmare and ultimate dream at the same time. I mean, it sounds like so much fun to have the whole house to yourself, and do whatever you want on Christmas. The idea of not very smart robbers breaking into your house and setting up traps for them is the ultimate prank in most kids’ opinions. However, Home Alone cannot be discussed without the terrifying and fully concerning elephant in the room:

Let’s just say no robbers would even go NEAR this guy’s house anymore and leave it at that. 


1) Elf

Coming in hot at #1, we have the man himself, Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf. Whether he’s tasting the world’s best cup of coffee, or fighting a South Pole elf, Buddy is evidently a true New Yorker. Honestly, one of the funniest holiday movies out there, nothing more to say.