About Voices

        Created and published by a staff of hard-working student editors, writers, and photographers, Voices is Winchester Thurston School’s student newspaper. Its articles are mainly and regularly distributed via the official website, which is accessible to anyone and everyone. Editors may occasionally choose to advertise new batches of articles through a whole-school email. Voices articles lean towards satire, although there is still an abundance of factual, opinion, and stylistic stories.
        Voices is always looking for new members who are willing to write diligently, attend club meetings responsibly, uphold club standards, and generally honor the occupation of journalism. The club meets on Day 1 at Community Time in the Computer Science Room, and intermittent lunch meetings will sometimes be scheduled. Food may be provided at lunch meetings.
        At meetings, members are expected to write pieces for publication, help their peers brainstorm, and seek and research potential stories. Additional time and effort may be required outside of these meetings. Each member should come to meetings promptly with the ability to complete the aforementioned objectives. There may be consequences, including expulsion from the club, for excessive absences from meetings, failure to produce timely articles, and/or abuse of member privileges.
        The student editors of Voices are seniors Johnny Stern, Alexandra Friedlander, and Rivers Leche. The faculty advisor is Mrs. Sickler. Students with general inquiries or who would like their suitable work published in Voices should contact any of these people.
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About Voices