O Joy! O Rapture!: A Snow Day Miracle

_____, writer?

I awoke on February the 7th to the sound of my phone ringing at 6am. The caller ID read, “Winchester Thurston.” Fearful, I swiped right, listening to the prerecorded voice message tell me the time and the date. Finally, after what seemed like two hours of nothing, it got to the important part: Winchester Thurston School will be closed. I shut my eyes in victory, falling back asleep for what only felt like a second, and when I opened them again it was like I could feel the sun shining on the piles of slush, as if celebrating this momentous occasion with us. Mr. Neils had finally given in to the mountains of complaints against his persistence in keeping the school open on days when it should not be open. He had given us a snow day.

And what did I do with this newfound day of freedom? Well, I can tell you what I didn’t do. I didn’t do the piles of homework that I’ve been ignoring for a whole month. I didn’t get a jump start on the next calculus chapter. And I certainly didn’t spend the time studying for my upcoming SAT. No. Instead, I got out of bed at 11am and watched Netflix for hours, stopping only to microwave snacks. I looked briefly at applications for summer programs, before deciding that I could work on that later and turning back to the book I’ve been putting off reading. And by the end of the day no work was done, I hadn’t left the house, and my eyesight was starting to blur. But hey, at least I got to sleep in.