Student Council Hosts Successful Fall Dance


Johnny Stern

WT GYM — Student Council successfully hosted on November 15 the school year’s first dance, a dazzling spectacle filled with loud music, colorful strobe lights, ample sweets, and festive students. 


While attendance at the beginning of the dance was lower than expected, a healthy number of students from all grade levels eventually arrived ready to dance, chat, and party. The junior class was represented well in attendance, and there were a surprising number of freshmen, for most of whom Friday night was their first high school dance experience. 


Still, the student organizers wished that more upperclassmen had come. One junior representative, who wished to remain anonymous, expressed their frustration with the situation.


“You guys were the ones that asked for it, and yet when we actually made it happen you didn’t come,” they said, addressing the absent upperclassmen.


Students have long pushed for a dance earlier in the year, and Friday’s dance was a key part of the Student Council agenda. Multiple morning announcements about the dance and a logistical email were sent out in the weeks leading up to Friday, but many felt that advertisement was lacking.


The numerous students who did come were met with fun fall-themed decorations and a full array of food. Framing the gym door was a huge, multicolored balloon arch, which Student Council manually assembled before the dance. The DJ’s songs were accompanied by synchronized strobe lights, which lit up the otherwise dark gym. Students could help themselves to desserts, chips, sodas, apple cider, and a seemingly endless supply of candy.

Students were not the only ones enjoying themselves. Mr. Hall, Mrs. Sickler, and Mr. Reiss could all be seen joining in on the fun and exhibiting their groovy dance moves.


Student Council is already planning for Semi, which will be held later this year, most likely at Phipps Conservatory.