Two Questions about Olivia Rodrigo’s Album “Sour”


Brynne McSorley, Satire Editor

          I would first just like to say that I loved Olivia Rodrigo’s Album “Sour.” The Album cover had colors like purple, green, yellow, and even other ones. So A+ job on that. I just have a couple of questions:

Question #1: Do you guys think she’s upset about something?

     I couldn’t help but notice that even though the cover art is colorful, the album itself seemed to have a very subtle message like she’s expressing some kind of dissatisfaction? I could be wrong, you have to listen really closely. For example, after listening to Drivers License (not voluntarily- it’s just kind of been playing on repeat in the background of any car, restaurant, or funeral parlor I enter) I was like “wait- what if this isn’t just about a driver’s license?” Idk, maybe I’m just kind of deep or something. A lot of people talk about crying to this song which I didn’t understand until I “failed” my driver’s test because I was deemed a “danger” who “shouldn’t be on the road.” The DMV woman kept screaming things like “Redlights! Stop Signs!” and so I was like “I still see your face in the white cars, front yards” and apparently that’s not how she wanted me to respond. 

Question #2: When Olivia says “good 4 u”  do you think she’s being sarcastic?

     There are some conspiracy theorists on the internet who think that this album is about some break up with a boy and that Olivia is “dragging him.”  But I’m an optimist. I admit I was disappointed when her song “1 step forward, 3 steps back” didn’t turn out to be the fun, updated version of the cha-cha slide that I had anticipated. But when I saw “good 4 u,” I thought “wow, good 4 her! surely the rest of this album is going to be chock full of similarly encouraging songs.” However, I watched the video for this song, and by the time she began burning things and using certain bad words I got a little confused. Just the other month I sent my aunt a hallmark card that said something along the lines of “Good for you, you look happy and healthy” (she just had her baby shower), so the song started out benign enough. At one point though, Olivia calls this person who she is supposedly happy for, a “g*d**n sociopath” which I would never call my aunt, who as I mentioned is a new mother and would not appreciate that language. Luckily, I’m like 60% sure the album isn’t directed at her. Anyway, Olivia’s mouth is saying “good 4 u” but her face, and use of fire and expletives, make me think she might even mean like, “bad 4 u?” idk.