Meet the Freshmen: Class of 2025


Name: Andrew Shlomchik


Coming from: Winchester Thurston


Favorite Subject: History


Sports/Clubs Joined: Crew, Science Olympiad, Debate


Role Model: “In this society, there aren’t very many great role models.”




Name: Neve Goldberg


Coming From: Falk Laboratory School


Favorite Subjects: Spanish, History


Sports/Clubs Joined: Field Hockey, Student Ambassadors, Children of Steel


Role Model: The upperclassmen




Name: Dagny Haglund


Coming from: Winchester Thurston


Favorite Subject: English


Sports/Clubs Joined: Basketball, Voices, GSSU, Model UN


Role Model: Her grandparents




Name: Nora Coen-Pirani


Coming from: Falk Laboratory School


Favorite Subject: Science


Sports/Clubs Joined: Soccer, Children of Steel, Student Ambassadors, Yearbook


Role Model: Michelle Obama




Name: Asata Brown


Coming from: Winchester Thurston


Favorite Subjects: Art, Math


Sports/Clubs Joined: Tennis, Go Green


Role Model: Tillie Walden




Name: Sam Joseph


Coming from: Verna Montessori School


Favorite Subject: Computer Science


Sports/Clubs Joined: Plaid


Role model: His father