What’s going ON?!?! An Inside Look on the New Building 🦺🏫

Whats going ON?!?! An Inside Look on the New Building 🦺🏫

Aria, Samantha, and Maxwell , Bear Talk Hosts and Producers

Welcome to our second season of Bear Talk! This time around being produced in partnership with Voices, the WT newspaper. We’re excited to kickoff our new season by talking about a new addition to WT: The Joan Clark Davis Center for Interdisciplinary Learning. The building will be housed at the corner of Morewood and Centre and is set to open for the 22-23 school year. It is going to be used as a community space, and it will also be a home for project-based, cross-curricular learning as well as WT’s flagship City As Our Campus program. Maxwell ’24, one of our hosts, sat down with Mr. Charney who is heading the project last spring, here’s what we learned. Thank you to Mr. Charney for taking the time to answer our questions.