WT Teachers Prepare to Take Halloween by Storm

An inside preview of what the faculty will be wearing on the big day


Ahh everyone’s favorite time of the year: Halloween aka costume season. I think it’s pivotal to know what teachers will be for Halloween as there have been so many memorable looks over the years. From Mr. Charney being Mr. Incredible (you had to be there), to Dr. Fech being Captain America, it’s safe to say that Halloween is a time that our school always looks forward to. But this year it’s on a Sunday, I know what you’re thinking, how will I know what all my favorite teachers are dressing up as? Will Mr. Morales wear a different tie? Will Mr. Davidson have a costume for Ruby? Well, wipe those tears off your face because I already found out all the information for you! Now you won’t have to walk around the whole school asking teachers awkwardly what they will be for Halloween, because I already went through that experience (and loved it)!

Will Ruby be able to top this fascinating costume? We will have to get an update from Mr. Davidson in a few days to find out.

I started my survey wandering through the halls at 3:15 looking far and wide to see just one teacher. The first teacher I saw was Mr. Davidson and I went up to him and said, “Can I ask a question?” To which he responded with, “You just did but you can ask me another one.” Obviously off to a great start. So I asked him the question we all want to know, are he, Ruby, or his wife dressing up for Halloween? At first he wanted to keep it a secret but later admitted he was dressing her up as Yoda. I can’t wait to see the pictures. As I was strutting up the stairs I saw Dr. Naragon looking chip as ever. As I asked him what he was going to be he responded that he was going to be a candy dispenser for children. I thought he meant he was going to be a bubblegum dispenser but he shot down that idea promptly and said he was just going to be giving out candy to trick or treaters. While I was in the history department I also stopped by Ms. Gropp and Mr. Morales. I’m so glad I caught them all at the right time. Ms. Gropp said that her son Harrison will be Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender while she will be Katara, isn’t that wholesome? I continued my journey through the halls where I saw Dr. Andy and of course I had to ask what he was going to be. Now get ready for this because it’s a lot to take in. Dr. Andy will be Ted Lasso from the hit TV show of the same name. Dr. Andy and the namesake of the show have so much in common already he may not even have to dress up. His first son Grayson, will be Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon (adorable) and his second son Sawyer will be one of those inflatable things you see at car dealerships. Lastly, Mr. Morales said he wouldn’t have a costume and even when I commented on changing his famous tie he noted that Halloween is on a Sunday when he doesn’t wear ties (you win some you lose some).

Will Dr. Andy be able to pull off the look? Guess we will just have to wait and find out.

Moving on we have Mrs. Sickler and Ms. Walton. Mrs. Sickler interestingly will be Burple from Dragons: Rescue Riders. I assume none of you have heard of that show because the show’s audience is primarily pre-schoolers, but it’s basically How to Train Your Dragon as a kids tv show. Obviously to keep with the theme, her kids will be more characters from the show Dak and Leyla while her husband will be Magnus Fink. I don’t know any of the characters but I can’t wait to see pictures of them all trick or treating that’s for sure. Mrs. Walton said that her costume was still up in the air, but she wanted to be Monica from the iconic 2000s movie Love & Basketball. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it immediately. 

An image of Ms. Sickler’s costume inspiration for Burple the dragon

As this data collection came to a close I decided to peek through Mrs. Skiba’s office as I saw Dr. Fay and her chatting. I asked them what they were going to dress up as, and they said they will not be participating in Halloween as it’s a Sunday. They told me to ask Mr. Miller, as he always dresses up for Halloween. I asked him what he was going to be and he responded by asking what I wanted him to be. Automatically I answered with Santa Claus, which, not to exaggerate things, he loved and said he would consider doing. I then left Mrs. Skiba’s office still feeling unsatisfied, like my plate was missing a protein, like my glass was half empty. Then to save the day was Mr. Bachner, who I knew would be dressing up. He told me his sons were going to be Mario and Luigi and he possibly would be Bowser (can we make this happen please?) Finally, I was able to leave school with a smile on my face knowing that I would have enough to satisfy your viewing pleasure. Moral of the story is: just because Halloween is on a Sunday doesn’t mean we won’t be able to celebrate with our teachers. Be sure to ask your teachers how their Halloweens was, and if they had a fun time dressing up.