Inscryption Review


Ezra Ferrency and Mason Roberts

Inscryption is a roguelike, deckbuilding, horror game with many puzzle aspects, or at least that’s what it seems on the surface. (We’re intentionally being vague here, to avoid spoilers because the secrets of the game are a very important part of the experience.) As you play, the game changes and more is revealed. The entire experience will take 10-15 total hours of playtime. The game costs approximately 20 USD and is only available on steam for windows (so far). It’s a single-player game.

The art style and music are hard to describe, as they change throughout the game, but they maintain a dark theme that matches the story of the game. It’s no coincidence that it came out near Halloween. 

The gameplay isn’t limited to the card game itself. Puzzles are an important part of the game as well. You’ll often get up from the table where you play the card game, and explore an escape room-like area. Some puzzles gate your progress through the game, while others provide benefits in the card game.

What Inscryption does well, it exceeds at, but other parts of the game can sometimes feel lackluster. The setting and feeling of the game are incredibly well done, adding a sense of anxiety to each encounter. It also often breaks existing tropes and stretches what is possible in a video game. The gameplay is simple but effective at creating an engaging experience. What Inscryption struggles with is its short playtime and lack of replayability. It can also, at times, be missing some strategic depth present in other games of its genre such as Slay the Spire.

In conclusion, Inscryption is a game unlike any other. With its incredible atmosphere and engaging, if simple, gameplay, it transports the player to a world entirely unlike our own, yet strangely connected. For any experienced video game player looking for an engaging story with many twists and turns, Inscryption is an incredible experience entirely worth its price; however, if you are seeking a long-lasting and strategically challenging game, it may not be for you.