5 Instagram poses that are super cute, but only for the smaller friend

5 Instagram poses that are super cute, but only for the smaller friend

Brynne McSorley, Satire Editor

My name is Brynne McSorley, (or if you don’t like this article, it’s any other name), and while I may not be able to turn you into an “insta baddie” but I can get you halfway there, by making you “bad’ at “insta.”

  1. The “on top of the world” 


When executing this balance-impairing pose, be sure to position yourself right in front of a shallow body of water, per the example above. Instead of saying “cheese” You can playfully shout “No hands!” and flail about as your bestie wails “My neck!”

  1. The Pyramid


Do you ever go on a girls’ trip and think, “I wish I could appropriate ancient Egyptian architecture while, at the same time, punishing my three sturdiest friends?” This pose is for you. Bonus points if you’re the one on the left who’s falling off. You’re still doing better than the five girls you’re climbing.

  1. The “goofball”


If you’re the light friend but you’re also quirky, feel free to hop on a companion’s back at any time, just so long as you are skilled enough to manage a cute pose (like the silly tongue face above) before they buck you off. If you’re not the light friend, watch your back. Literally.

  1. The “backpack, but make it human”


Have an identical twin but still want your followers to know that you’re the lighter one? Here’s a chance to do that while making it look like you two have too good of a relationship to do that.

  1. The “Injured at Disney”


Taking a group photo but don’t feel like the center of attention? Just hop into your buddies’ arms like a spooked scooby doo character! Are you injured? Just cute? Do your friends really like you? That’s for you to know and us to find out!