Rating Soccer Boy Fits/Game Day Ties Part 2

A Song of Cold, Ice, and Dr. Andy


Helen Zhang, Staff Writer

Two years ago, the boys soccer team made their ever first PIAA championship appearance. This year, they dressed in hope of capturing the champion’s trophy and a Hershey Company Chocolate bar for the first time in school history, and in style of course.

Like a minimalist painting, this one uses color blocking very effectively. Everything is sharp but pleasing to the eyes. Except for the belt (which adds a nice pop of color), the ensemble is pastel like a strong-willed en plein air painting. The militaristic stance and baby-purple mask compliment the tie very nicely, showing that this man knows how to dress and play a persona. (Cast him in the One Acts, Ms. Holmes.)

Final Rating: 9/10


This tie is hidden under the pullover supporting the Nike Elite Backpack. At first, you’d just dismiss this as too similar to one of last issue’s fits. Although frowned upon for its repetition, I think the repetition implies ambiguity. In my opinion, this is a double entendre for a meaning beyond my understanding, referencing works of art that I’ve neither seen, heard, nor read. I think only aliens can decipher this and that this tie wearer is super-human.

Final Rating: 8.21/10


As fall transitions to winter, a grey period approaches where there is cold but no snow or cherry-colored christmas decorations outside. This has led to many uses of layering to enhance fits, and often to great success. This one right here is a prime example, starting off with a vibrant blue dress shirt and patterned tie before transitioning into a more muted grey hoodie and brown coat, both of which are very pleasant shades of their respective colors. Special points are given for the coat and its immaculate details. The pose is very nice and reminiscent of Clark Kent. Recruit this man to model for Ralph Lauren or other men’s luxury fashion companies.

Final Rating: 9.5/10


With the exception of the tie and North Face Fleece Jacket, this is almost a carbon-copy from the last issue. But, the North Face is truly something to behold. Although the tie chosen this week was subpar, the Fleece was just divine.

Final Rating: 8.5/10


This one reminds of the trenches of WWI. The pattern of the coat is grenade like, and both it and the tie are quite muted. The white dress shirt completes this monochrome outfit, complementing the tie nicely. Overall, very fitting for war, which is what the Boys Soccer Team waged against Faith Christian in PIAA state finals.

Final Rating: 9.125/10.2


This one is kind of like a flower pot. The pants and belt are khaki and brownish black respectively. The tie obviously represents a flower, and this man pulling up his shirt symbolizes someone pulling up the blinds every morning to give their flowers the needed sunlight for the chloroplasts to synthesize it into sugar. Not many boys choose to take part in horticulture, a therapy shown to have many benefits. This outfit and tie not only represents good tie choice, but also makes a statement about how men should be willing to take part in activities that aren’t testosterone filled.

Final Rating: 12/12


Patagonia Fleece shows a consumer that recognizes quality over price. The tie is a solid blue but as they say, you must master the basics first. The shirt choice however, is nice and whimsical, calling back when your grandma made berry pies or some other fruity pastry.

Final Rating: 8.912/9.978


This one reminds me of the Joy Division Album, except there’s a lot more white than black. Some other things to note are the black buttons, thumbs up, and the untucked shirt among others. There are so many minute details (both good and questionable) that you can write a great poem for your English class that’ll surely get you an A+.

Final Rating: 9.2/10.5


Storytelling through ties yet again. The tie represents the British Royalty this time, specifically with its navy blue and golden trim. The plaid dress shirt hints at an American Farmer, possibly cotton-eye joe living on subsistence through the land. The grey hoodie represents the grey area these two align within.

Final Rating: 1774/1776


The puffer jacket with an interesting logo reminiscent of contorted dinosaur bones on the life in a dirt gold actually compliments quite nicely with the pastel yellow pullover and light blue under shirt. The tie is also simplistic, but all these seeming clashing elements work well together. I think it’s the balance between the naturalistic pastels and the harsher, darker tones. Shout out to Otto Gianakas ‘23 for stepping it up this time. Royal.

Final Ratings: 10/10


Rustic and Dr. Andy

Final Rating: 8.9/10