Thank You and Goodbye ✌️👋

It’s hard to believe that 2021 has pretty much come to a close. Time has flown by and messed with our brains. Things that passed just 6 months seem like they happened a decade ago. 2021 has been a challenging year, we went from all online, to hybrid, to fully in-person learning modes; we’ve had to adjust with the world situation constantly changing and deal with of all the regular stress of being a high schooler. But, 2021 hasn’t come without its wins. It was huge year for the podcast: joining forces with Voices in August helped us expand our platform in ways we hadn’t previously thought possible. And, that logic (a little good, some bad) applies to a lot of things this year. So, we decided to reflect a bit: think about what we’re hoping to keep from 2021 and what we can’t wait to get rid of. It didn’t feel right to explore those questions on our own, so we turned to you! Thank you so much for contributing, we loved hearing your responses. And with that, peace out 2021.
See you in 2022!