12 Tips for Valentine’s Day 2022


Asata Brown, Staff Writer

12 Tips for Valentine’s Day 2022!


So, here comes valentines day. The krinkle of heart shaped plastic, the assembling of store bought- I mean delicately crafted letters, and the cries of the lonely souls who know they will inevitably find themselves alone on the upcoming Monday night. Not yet sure what to do? I’ve got you. Here’s a list of 12 tips for Valentine’s Day 2022, from a qualified* source.


*I may or may not have adequate romantic experience, including a singular date that resulted in the one of three times I’ve cried on public transit.


  • DIY time!

What says “I cherish you” more than something made with your own hands on your own time? Knit them a scarf. Write up some poetry from the heart! Paint them something nice with the watercolors sitting in some corner of your home. Make a collage of them, you, and all the things that make your love your’s. Maybe it won’t be perfect, but it’s a nice way to show you care.


  • Box of Chocolates, A Classic

Do they like it fancy and expensive? Get them the nice stuff. Do they just appreciate the notion? Maybe go the cute but cheap route. Are they lactose intolerant? Get them chocolate anyways. “Gah! Oh no babe. I forgot you’re lactose intolerant. I’m sorry. But… I don’t think I can return these, so I can just, you know, take them off your hands if you’d like…”


Or you could get them dark chocolate or something.


  • A Heartfelt Serenade

Tell your neighbors to cease their complaining as you serenade your sweetheart from the streets. Go the extra mile and hire a band. What are they going to do? File a noise complaint? You don’t even live here. They um… haven’t opened their window to heart eye you lovingly, completely entranced by your heavenly tunes, but uhhh. I’m sure they’re just enjoying it from inside their room. With the lights turned off.


  • A Gift Exchange

Run out of time? Arts and crafts not your strong suit? Nothing wrong with winning them over with material possessions. And if you’re having trouble figuring out what to buy I’ve got you covered.


Idea A: A locket, so you may forever be in each other’s hearts.

Idea B: Matching Rings

Awww it’s almost like you’re married! How cute! When should I save the date? And do you have plans for after splitsvile?

Idea C: Stuffed Teddy Bear

Go big. Go small. Either way they’ll go “Awww!” Cut it open and jump inside, give ‘em a good scare! Oh wait why are they stomping away angrily.

  • Alone? Third Wheel.

They’re taking advantage of the couple’s special so why shouldn’t you? Free food and free company, only a little awkward. You would hang out with your other friends, but they are also each others’ valentines. Oh hold up, Double Date? 5th wheel. It just adds more stability, at least I think that’s how wheels work.


  • Snuggle Close and Get Warm

What do you think you’re doing? We’re still in a pandemic, silly. It’s important to keep a distance in order to keep the ones we love safe and in our lives. An alternative, get them something to keep warm, even if you can’t do it yourself.


Personalized blanket

A classic for keeping warm. And you know the perfect way to remind them of you? Put your face on that thing.



Those extremities are quite important, so keep ’em warm! And for good measure, put your face on those too.


Coffee? Hot Chocolate? Whatever is their cup of tea! Get them a mug! Perfect for giving hands a warm hug. You know what to do.

  • Share the Love with the People you love

Here in America there’s a big emphasis on romantic love. In many other countries with similar events and traditions many other types of love are celebrated as well. Who’s to say you can’t appreciate any other types of love this holiday? Those relationships are not inherently more or less important than your romantic ones, so make sure everyone feels the love this season. Friends, family, they’re all worth acknowledging.


  • Treat Yourself

Who said you have to have a valentine? There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your own company. You don’t really want a relationship right now, or ever, perhaps. Romance isn’t for everyone, and it’s wrong to force such expectations on the people around us. Take the day for yourself. I’m sure you could snag a valentine’s day special on that bag of candy, so why not?


  • “Treat Yourself”

Yeahh. You’re single by choice and happy with said choice. Go ahead and take advantage of those valentine’s day sales. Snuggle up with all those sweets. They taste nice, but you can’t help but feel they’d taste better with company.


The chance for love will arise, eventually.


  • A Lovers’ Playlist

Have trouble with your words? Use someone else’s. Make a playlist to share the way you feel with your loved ones. Whether you make it about them, or with them. Compile all your favorite artists and tunes. If I may, here are a few suggestions of mine that might be nice to add:


Love to Keep Me warm – Dodie and Laufey 

A fitting tune for our current wintery weather. Sweet, upbeat and heartfelt.


You Make me Feel – Easha 

Awww. You two go on and have your main character moment. A sneaky glance and a snicker. A cheesy joke and a pity laugh. Whatever’s there is giddy, but real.


One Less Angel in Heaven – Shy Baldwin 

Have your lovely little boogie on the dance floor. You got lucky with them, and the love is strong; Filled to the brim with admiration.


Piel Canela – Eydie Gormé y Los Panchos 

A delightful ditty to tell them just how important they are to you. You are my number one.


I Wish You Love – Gloria Lynne 

Sweet and sincere, you simply want the best for them. The original is quite a beauty, along with the many covers that proceed it.


  •  Loner’s Playlist

For every love song there is it’s antithesis, and in those we must indulge. I offer you a few from my own collection. Will you cry? Idk, but that’s not really my problem.


Like the Movies – Laufey

You could definitely fall in if you tried. I mean if you really wanted to.


Little Too Late – Camino 84

Fools. Love is a useless pursuit bound to end in disappointment. What’s the use in trying?


I Fall in Love Too Easily – Chet Baker 



Being Alive – Stephen Sondheim

I’m kidding, don’t do that to yourself.



Do it.


  • Romance Movie Night!


Pick out your favorite film from a wide selection of Roms, Coms, RomComs, Drams, RamsDrams, ComRomDrams, um… DramComs…

Or you could go with a movie of any genre! I recommend Wall-E. Who wouldn’t want to see sparks fly between those two adorable robots. Also, that’s the only movie with romance i’ve seen that comes to mind… I don’t watch a lot of romance, or movies.


Hope this helped a bit! Or maybe not at all. Either way, have a lovely Valentine’s Day, WT <33