Rating 2022 F1 Liveries



With a new set of regulations, these cars look much different than the ones of old

#10 Alpine:


For having released two cars, the one that is not basically copying another car should’ve looked nice. If you don’t know, Alpine’s main sponsor for this year is BWT. They were the former sponsor of Racing Point, now known as Aston Martin. Racing Point’s car’s were pink because of BWT, and now that BWT sponsor’s Alpine, their cars are now pink too. For the first two races of the season they will sport an all pink livery, very very similar to that of Racing Point. But the rest of the season they will use the livery above, which there’s only one way to describe: ugly. The blue, red, and white of the French flag (Alpine is based in France) does not go well at all with the pink. It looks like a colgate toothpaste bottle but the cap and end of the bottle were dipped in pink paint. It’s just awful and easily the worst car on the grid. 

#9 Haas:


For being the first team to release their car (congratulations of finally being first in something), it was a pretty underwhelming car reveal. The livery is almost identical to last years and that livery was by far the best on the grid. The theme on the car, the russian flag, pays homage to their many russian sponsors who are part of their team because of their russian driver Nikita Mazepin. But Mazepin is widely disliked in the F1 community, while his teammate, Mick Schumahcer, son of 7 time world champion Michael Schumacher, is largely liked by the fans. So to have a car that reflects just Mazepin as their driver, rather than all the other teams where no driver is expressed on their car, really irks formula 1 fans. This livery probably would be liked more if the hate for Mazepin wasn’t so large, but it’s still not a great livery. The white really doesn’t shine or sparkle in the night races, and the other colors the car does have are not featured prominently throughout the car, making for a pretty boring livery. Overall, it’s just not a great livery, but for a team who focused a lot on car development for this season after a dreadful 2021 campaign, it’s understandable why the livery really isn’t that great.