5 New Albums You Should Check Out


She Shreds

SASAMI with her instruments ahead of a new album release

Every Friday a wave of new music is released. With so much music being released and available, discovering new music can be quite overwhelming. Five notable releases of last Friday (2/25) include albums by Huerco S., SASAMI, RIP Swirl, and more. Here are five new albums you should check out:

SASAMI: Squeeze


Squeeze is Los Angeles-based indie musician SASAMI’s second studio album. Squeeze is an intense album rich in thrashing, heavy, and consuming sounds. This album was created to help the listener process feelings of anger. Top tracks include, “The Greatest”, “Call Me Home”, and “Make it Right”.

Huerco S.: Plonk


Plonk is Kansas-based producer, Brian Leed’s, fourth album. This album comes six years after Huerco S.’s last album, For Those of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have). Plonk is full of unique electronic sounds and includes top tracks such as, “Plonk I”, “Plonk III”, and “Plonk IV”.

Caroline: Caroline


London-based eight-piece band, Caroline, mingles folk, indie, post-punk, and electronic sounds on their debut album, Caroline. Caroline defines the group’s peculiar sound through distorted vocals and instrumentation, swaying violins, and a shaking flute. Top tracks include, “Dark Blue”, “Good Morning (red)”, and “IWR”.

Nyokabi Kariũki: Peace Places: Kenyan Memories – EP


Peace Places: Kenyan Memories is Nyokabi Kariũki’s first EP. This album takes a collection of field recordings from Nyokabi Kariũki’s hometown in Kenya and turns them into intimate and artistic music. Peace Places: Kenyan Memories is a beautiful reflection on Kariũki’s childhood and life through the perspective of the environment. Top tracks include, “Equator Song”, “A Walk Through My Cũcũ’s Farm”, and “Home Piano”.

RIP Swirl: Blurry


RIP Swirl’s first album, Blurry, is an album rooted in dance music, but heavily influenced by 90’s alternative music. Blurry creates an interesting and creative sound with 90’s-inspired vocals and features such as Clayjay, Ydegirl, Andreya Casablanca, and Catnapp. Top tracks include “Blurry”,  “Love Song”, “Smiling Dog”, and “gUts”.