What Does It Mean to Have A Choice?

Sulwe Kauffmann-Okoko, Staff Writer

They say that you’re killing another human

Forgetting that our system does that every day.

They say that it is morally incorrect

That’s just because our books and compasses go different ways.


I respect you and your own beliefs

To never mess with the nature of life,

But why can’t you let me have a choice?

After all, in this country, it is supposedly my birthright.


When you take away choice

You cultivate privilege 

You see past the ones who

Cannot travel, provide, live, or be compromised.


When you take away choice

And blend faith and facts

You see past the truth that

Children are being dropped onto this planet without being recognized.


Your hands did not thread me into existence

So who are you to tell me what to do with my body?

Some things in law must have a distance

Otherwise, we lack the ability to embody

All that we say we stand for.


To have a choice is to have true freedom and democracy