10 Things Every Freshman Should Know


Daniel Kochupura, Co-Editor-in-Chief

  1. The student council meetings are open to all—you can attend to hear about what’s in the works
  2. You can join a club at any point on the school year, not just the beginning
  3. You can get out of PE with a letter from a coach if you play sports outside of school
  4. Most classes have a week at a glance where you can see what’s happening in that class during the next few periods
  5. Any of your teachers would be happy to meet with you after class if you’re having trouble with your work
  6. If enough students request one, Mr. Fitch (our athletic director) might be able to get a fan bus for big/important games
  7. You’re supposed to complete the sign-out form if you leave school before 3:00
  8. The Gmail name format for every student and member of the faculty is the same—if you need to write someone an email and now their name but not the email, just use the format for your email and apply it to their name
  9. The alumni relations department can connect you with all kinds of impressive and admirable people
  10. If you can find a room, a time, and a faculty advisor, Mr. Miller (the dean of students) can help you set up a club or interest group