Rishi’s Intro to Student Council


Rishi Mukherkee, Staff Writer

My name is Rishi. You might know me as a senior, and that might be it. But now you know me as the senior who is going to be covering the student council on behalf of Voices. With newly gained privileges given to me by the council, such as the long-awaited freedom of the press and 30-second access to the coveted WhatsApp group chat, which I was removed from–I will get into this later–I will be able to save you a precious community time. For those of you who don’t know the politicians of our school—the ones who sit on the stage during morning meetings—I will give a quick introduction to the key players on the executive board, their roles, and maybe a few other details. 

 Tommy Gordon (prez):

The head honcho, the polo-wearing sigma, the mock-trial GOD. In front of Mr. Gordon lays a tough road: following Julia Stern, former Student Council president. Faith is to be had in the newly elected president, whose political roots can be traced back to his middle school days. Serving as vice president last year under President Stern, Gordon has had significant experience in a leadership role. But anything can happen, so we will let time decide the president’s fate and hope his administration is as consistent as his attire.

 Aria (VP):

Aria, like the lifelong politician above, began her political career in middle school and has the experience and tenacity to co-lead a hopefully successful administration, one that COULD be amplified by all those hats we saw in last year’s campaign cycle, which are yet to be seen and worn. 


Brynne (Secretary): 

A fresh face but a rising member of the monarc…I mean, council. Brynne diversifies the senior-dominated executive board with a much-needed junior perspective. Working with Brynne on the council last year and knowing her as a lethal mock-trial attorney and witness, Brynne can do it all, and she is more than qualified for her role and is aligned to take a leap in the realm of WT politics this year. 

This article marks the beginning of my reporting, so look out because there is more to come. If you have any questions or anything you want me to monitor or inquire about the council, and I MEAN ANYTHING, email me! I won’t bite!

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